Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sunday Treasure Hunt

After my marathon day Saturday, I announced to my husband that there was "NO WAY" that I would make it to Alameda Pt. the following day.. my feet and legs were shot, and I was just done in overall. However, I awoke at 6:00 Sunday morning and decided that I couldn't stand to miss yet one more month of my favorite show so I rolled out of bed and was out the door by 7:00 once again!

I have a pretty good vision of how I want my living room to look now.. so I was in pursuit of garden antiques. My first score was a 5' white iron topiary.. absolutely perfect! The seller wanted me to take the matching 4' topiary.. but I had far too many other items on my list. I found a large glass apothecary jar to house my new collection of green mercury glass balls, then at Addison's booth, I bought a few Victorian ornaments, a vintage buckle, vintage crepe paper and more that I can't recall at the moment. A white shabby shelf was a find at $5.00, that will go in my studio. I also found a small white shabby table top display piece with a swivel mirror.. that will be great for product shots, as well as for my show tables. Later on I found the perfect antique urn to go under the topiary.. I'll plant it with a small leaf ivy. I already have a nice ivy plant, so I'll just start a new one from cuttings.

I stopped by the booth of my friend, Kimberlee Edgar and her wonderful Mom. I bought some cool beaded black ribbon, then Kimberlee unloaded some vintage crepe paper on me.. plus lots of fun things she wanted to clear out, I'll share with a few of my local girlie friends :). (Thanks Kimberlee).

I found too much to list.. but those are some of the highlights! That's all for now.. I'll post more pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

ooooooos and ahhhhhhhhs. beautiful stuff! such treasures! can't wait to see more pics...bring 'em on, kitty!


Johanna Parker said...

Next time I'm in town, I want to go treasure hunting with you! Everything is lovely! Thanks for sharing :)