Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally, a new Camera!!

It seems as if I've waited forever to replace my camera, and at long last I can take pics of my new work :). Meet Darling Darlene, dressed in her Sunday best! I will be offering her for sale on my new PFATT Marketplace Gallery page in May.

I look forward to posting more Halloween paintings on ebay soon.. I just have to get through my Fall '08 ESC deadline first. Lots of exciting new things coming, I can hardly wait.

A little good news from Iva, BIG HUGS to both she and Brianna! Those lungs are healing, we just know it! Baby steps.. they eventually add up and make a journey.. to health!

Have a wonderful evening,


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brianna taking baby steps toward recovery

Baby steps toward recovery.. one second, one minute.. even one breath at a time.. we thank God for them all. I love this picture of her with her beloved friend, Winston. We all want to see her home with her family, with this big puppy in her lap, kissing her face with that big tongue!!!

Keep fighting Brianna, we love you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brianna Fights for her Life
in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

I ask all of you who might happen upon my blog.. to visit my friend Iva's blog and pray for her daughter who is this very minute fighting for her life in the pediatric ICU at Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital-Stanford.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Iva, Brianna, and their entire family.
We love you very, very much!

Thank you..


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Preparing for Fall

I know.. it seems crazy, however it is time for us artist types to start thinking in shades of orange and black. Deadlines and Fall shows are looming, and I am catching the Halloween bug.

This is a painting I finished yesterday, it is acrylic on an 8x10 art board. I currently have it listed on ebay, you may click anywhere in this sentence to visit my auction. I have several paintings planned, and will work on them as time allows.

Unfortunately, I am still without a camera.. so I am unable to list my Spring pieces :(. I am doing my best to make enough money from my auctions to buy one. At least with the paintings on canvas, they can be scanned :).

That's it for now.. Back to a big piece I have been promising someone for ages! Thank you for visiting.