Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Evening

Happy Sunday evening to you all!

It was a busy day yesterday.. my kids and I stopped at a thrift shop on the way to a 4 year old's birthday party at Pump it Up (my son calls it Pump a Dump..) He's 4, we just laugh whenever he says it. Anyway.. we found a few fun items, I bought a large Tuscan Vase and the kids got a new (old) movie. By the time we were through with the birthday party, we were ready to come home and watch the movie.

Today, we had PBS on the entire day watching Rick Steve's travels through Italy. We plan on going to Tuscany next year for a full month so the timing was perfect! I cooked as I watched the shows, having fun with my new Tuscan cook book. I made Tuscan flat bread, and drunken pork chops for the first time, what fun! My 6 year old daughter helped knead the dough.. it was a great kid recipe. She was amazed to see the dough rise and double in size, though in her estimation it took far too long!

I listed a few of my vintage ornament finds on ebay today, I'll give you the link if you would like to see them:

A few days ago I found a vintage pink quilt rack, my daughter fought me for it.. and now it's in her room, ha ha.. It was a great score.. maybe she'll share it with me sometime :). I have no new pics to share today.. I'll have to shoot a few things tomorrow if I get a chance. I really need to buckle down and get back to work. I have orders to fill, and my Fall ESC deadline end of next month.. and it is NOT too early to start creating pieces for my Fall and Winter shows. I do plan on creating Spring pieces for my website, so I will inform you as I am ready to launch an update.

Have a great Monday, remember to set those clocks ahead if you haven't done so already :).

Chat soon,