Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring warmth brings renewed hope!

I am rejoicing that my friend, Iva's daughter has received GOOD news this week! The power of positive thought and prayer is a wonderful thing. Go Brianna, you are a brave soul! I can just visualize those white blood cells churning out.

Still no new camera for me, I am so sad that I cannot post my latest Spring inspired pieces here, or on my website. I hope to have a new digital soon.. I apologize that you are still seeing Christmas and Fall on my website, my camera was quite inconsiderate to die on me now :(.

Today was gorgeous, my children and I met my sister in law and niece at the Oakland Zoo.. it's now our weekly treat.. what fun! We were fortunate enough to have the river otter come and play with us on the other side of the glass, it was amazing!

I am off to finish a few orders, but I may have to take a few breaks to walk outside and enjoy this amazing weather.