Saturday, July 14, 2007

Angels for Brianna ~ WHAT a WEEK!!!

Dear Friends,

Wow! Who Knew? WHO KNEW?? Who knew that the efforts to raise funds for Brianna’s family would result in a variety of art communities coming together to form an event so amazing?


Thank you to all the artists who poured their hearts and souls into their angel art and produced beautiful keepsakes. We were hoping to gather up 20 artists and little did we know how this would spin out-of-control in a very wonderful way.

Thank you to the bidders. Without you...opening your hearts and your wallets to help...we wouldn’t have been able to have such success.

Thank you all for your patience with all of our “technical difficulties”. It did work out in the end and we were able to fix our glitches and continue onward.

A final thank you to Stephanie Stargell.

When we began this process it was just the 3 of us. The night before we were to go “live” we realized that we were not going to have enough hours to do all that needed to be done. When we shut our computers down at 3:45 am, Stephanie was just logging in to finish up where we left off. Stephanie had not been involved in the beginning stages of this effort and when we realized we were in trouble she happened to be knocking on our back door with a “can I help?”…I don’t think she realized just what she was getting into but she stuck with us through thick and thin. She has never met Brianna or Iva yet she was a trooper throughout this whole process and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Because we have raised the amount of money we have, Iva and John are thinking of starting an art scholarship in Brianna’s name. I spoke with Iva on the phone this afternoon and she couldn’t say enough about it all. The funds raised are more than she could have ever imagined and she made this comment…”I want to paint the world with Brianna and you are allowing me to do it”. Enough said.

Our sincere gratitude to you all,

Colleen Moody
Sylvia Anderson
Kitty Forseth
Stephanie Stargell

P.S. We will happily welcome cash donations for one more week. Just email us at if you are interested.

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Thank you!!

Kitty Forseth

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Auction Day!!

The day is finally here!!
Our Angels for Brianna auction will launch today at 10:00 pst.

Please visit the auction to view and hopefully bid on beautiful hand-made one of a kind angels by top artists from across the country, including Nicol Sayre, Johanna Parker, Pam Garrison, Melissa Neufeld and many, many more!!

The auction will run for one week, ending on Saturday July 14th at 6:00 pst.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anniversary Roses

Roses from my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary.
I arranged them in this silver urn which I purchased in June at Antiques by the Bay!

If you do not see me posting new work lately, it will happen! I am putting my energy at the moment into our Angels for Brianna auction. After this, I have a deadline for my licensing and then I am off to a lake in Wisconsin for a week with all of my crazy relatives!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Starting off the summer with a bang!

My Daughter, Madison at a local lake today

The USS Hornet, we visited here after the Alameda Pt. Antique's Show on Sunday

The new location of Antiques by the Bay
at Alameda Pt.

My Little Shoppers, Madison & Ray

The evening of my birthday dinner
at the ranch where my brother, sister in law and niece live...

Hiking at the ranch