Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged!!

Sharon • Christy • Sammie
Pfattie visit to American Harvest

Okay Sammie... here ya go! Seven random things about me.

1. I come from a long line of artists, my Grandfather was a well know artist in Marshfield, WI. I have several uncles who paint and nearly all of my cousins are very talented artists.

2. Believe it or not, I was President of the Orinda-Miramonte chapter of the Future Farmers of America. I rode in the color guard at the county fair, and raised a steer which I sold at fair.

3. I once worked at a radio station. I wrote and produced radio commercials, and sold advertising.

4. The comment made about me in my 8th grade yearbook was that they would miss my horse drawings on the desks!

5. I am a nature nut, always have been. I rescued and raised a baby Stellar Jay.. and took countless animals to the wildlife rescue center over the years.. including a baby green heron and a cormorant!

6. I am a singer.. I love Phantom of the Opera and sometimes crank it way up and sing while I work. I have performed on stage with live bands (about a million years ago) and have soloed at midnight mass.

7.I have two WONDERFUL children! Madison is 7 and Ray is 5. They keep me busy.. drive me crazy, and keep me young. I wouldn't trade them for anything!!

So, hopefully you now know a little more about me!!



Sam I Am said... have a couple of things in common!!!!
I loved bringing home wild animals to nurse back to health.. ended up taking a wildlife rehabilitation class and helped build a hawk habitat for non-releasable hawks and other birds.
i have played flute for churches..been in a community band since 4th grade ( not now tho since moving to ca ).. and countless shows/ productions/ parades!
Im SO Happy you posted your Tagged Comments :) :) :)
lovin' the pics of your studio too!!! i wanna come over and help ya mess it up!

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