Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's Open Season on Christmas, let the tinsel fall!

I have to toot the horn for all of the amazing and talented artists whom I have crossed paths with.. some have become dear friends and others are people I look forward to becoming better acquainted with in the future.

This week was very special.. I took a few hours out of my hectic schedule (preparing for HollyDaze & Vine in Petaluma this coming Saturday) and visited the Christmas open houses of some dear friends. I feel so fortunate to have acquired this stunning piece from my friend Connie Govea Stuart.. doesn't it look amazing hanging in the center of my Victorian iron grate??

It could not get any better than this! My friend
Christy Meyers
graced the American Harvest Christmas Open House with several of her magical Whimsies.. They take my breath away..

Thank you Christy for leaving Corporate Hell, and filling our lives with Whimsy!!

I think this Doll by Sandra Everston speaks for itself! What more can I say?? For a detailed description of each and every layer, please visit Sandra's blog!

I look forward to this Christmas season.. the magic is already in the air! Every surface in my studio has the sheen of mica, my face is sparkly and my hands covered with spots of paint. All is good!

Thank you to Sweet Magnolia and American Harvest for hosting such beautiful Open Houses! You make your guests feel most welcome!

Please come visit myself and many talented artists at HollyDaze & Vine. Saturday Nov. 10th! The show is in Historic downtown Petaluma.. it should be a beautiful day, and the antiquing there is beyond compare! Plenty to do after the show!


vintagepaletteart said...

Thank you Kitty for sharing your pics! I wish I could have went to see all these amazing creations and this shop that I hear so much about! We'll have to make it a stop in April!

=o) *Nana

suzi finer said...

All I can say is wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty! Found your blog through Johanna's. Lovely pictures! I am a huge fan of American Harvest too! Sharon & Rodger are wonderful people. I make the three hour drive about 3 times a year. I am sad I missed the Christmas Open hoo.
Xo, Amber

Cathy Nash said...

Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...