Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A new Angel in Heaven..

Heaven has received a true angel
Brianna Lauren Grant
Jan. 12, 1990 - June 15, 2007

I am at a loss for words.. no child should go to heaven before their parents.
We mourn the loss of this beautiful and intelligent young woman.
Please pray for the family of Brianna.

Colleen Moody, Sylvia Anderson and myself will be hosting a fund raising auction
to help offset expenses for the family.
The auction is to be held in
approximately two weeks.
Please contact Colleen, Sylvia or me for details.
I will be posting a link to the
"Angels for Brianna" blog soon.

God bless you Iva, the strongest woman I know.
John, Iva and Trevor..
our prayers and our hearts go out to you.


Sylvia Anderson said...

Wonderfully said Kitty, and thank you for helping us put together the auction for Iva and her family. You have a big heart! :)

CCs Whimsies said...

There are no words... just prayers to our angel... Bless you all!

Bethany said...

Oh truly I will be keeping the family im y heart and prayers...It's such a sad loss :( I had left my name on Ulla's blog as wanting to contribute an angel.

Iva said...

Dearest Kitty...thank you for your generous efforts. You have been a great friend, sittng with me at the hospital and checking in with us. My lovely daughter is missed beyond words. Yes, Brianna is an angel and I love her so. Thank you again...Iva

Kingfisher Farm said...

Kitty, I wish to honor our angel, Brianna. Let me know how to contribute, Pam